Short essay on honor killing

Honor Killing essay

The centers emphasized a lot on curbing the problem of violence againnst women. Honor must come from inside and be unable to be swayed by minor factors.

Short Essay on Honour Killing

Also whether the Hindu Marriage Act should be reformed or not is being debated. The conditions that existing during the formation of Palestine; for instance, rampant wars, long suffering, and loss of land worked as a catalyst in pushing the people closer to their traditions and customs.

After attaining the age of 18 and 21 by the girl and the boy respectively, the family has no right to force them into marriage or any other act if they are unwilling to do so. If an individual be it a boy or a girl feels that he or she wants to marry according to their wishes, their parents should accept the wishes.

Now as has become the norm, the son-in-law is killed as well. Honor has no room for compromising in no way is it a partial way of life, it cannot be turned off and on when desired. The first misconception about honor killing is that this is a practice that is limited to the rural areas.

One must have patience and study to become a person of integrity and goodwill. The media went a step further in correcting the government version concerning the same incidence.

So it can be seen clearly that honor killing is not isolated to rural areas but also to urban areas and as already pointed out, it has a very wide geographical spread. The truth is that it is spread over such a large geographical area that we cannot isolate honor killings to rural areas only, though one has to admit that majority of the killings take place in the rural areas.

Even if a woman commits adultery, there have to be four male witnesses with good behavior and reputation to validate the charge. In fact, parents only desire to see their children happy and if the children are happy, the parents should let them do what they desire.

Sadly, this culture is prevalent in some parts of the Indian society too. Firstly, the mentality of the people has to change.

Now, there are various reasons why people or family members decide to kill the daughter in the name of preserving their family honour. But these people who support honour killing and are a part of it are heartless because only a heartless individual can kill someone they love and that too for a baseless reason.

The last part of the quote from Satires is the most important of all the aspects. Thus, this practices continues though it should have been removed by now. This was aimed at the reduction of prejudice and customary and any other practice that has a basis in superiority and inferiority on any sex or the existing stereotyped responsibility for women and men Wikan Essay on The Issue With Honor Killings; Essay on The Issue With Honor Killings.

Honor killing in India

A honor killing is a violent action towards a person that has brought shame or dishonor to their family (What Is Honor Killing).

Apart from a poet and short story/fiction writer, he is also a reggae musician. Born in Morogoro (Tanzania), Ras Nas aka Nasibu. An honor killing or honour killing (also called a customary killing) is the murder of a member of a family or social group by other Essay for UPSC and Civil Service Aspirants in India.

Home» Subject» Essay» Honor killing in India. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers. honour killings: The Law it is and the Law it ought to be.

An “honour killing" is a murder committed against a woman for actual or perceived “immoral" behaviour that is deemed to have breached the ‘honour code’ of a household or community. These so called. - According to Webster’s dictionary, honor killing is, “the traditional practice in some countries of killing a family member who is believed to have brought shame on the family.” Honor killings take place all over the world, even in contemporary societies.

Honor killing in India An honor killing or honour killing (also called a customary killing) This speech will be relatively short in order that you can grasp what it really mean.

Graduates, today you bring pride and honor to your parents,to your teachers, to your alma matter, and most of all, to yourself. Julius Caesar Essay on Honour. Honor Killing essay writing service, custom Honor Killing papers, term papers, free Honor Killing samples, research papers, help.

Short essay on honor killing
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